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Developing mobile apps has never been an easy task. Creating a mobile app for iOS means owning strong programming skills about Objective-C or Swift and knowing their APIs. Android-based apps are not so different: you have to know Java and the Android Platform and its API. The learning curve is not fast and it includes how to create nice and interactive user interfaces, connecting embedded features like GPS, camera, showing maps, images and so forth. To make it more complex, it is pretty common to connect the app with a server where central data is saved or fetched and where other services must be connected, like a central database, documents repository or other information systems. Consequently, creating a mobile app requires a team of experts able to work with a variety of different technologies, including mobile app development, networking, server-side technolo... (more)

The Consumerization of Artificial Intelligence | @ExpoDX #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #DigitalTransformation

Consumerization is the design, marketing, and selling of products and services targeting the individual end consumer. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently promoted a $100-per-year iPhone app called Derm Expert. Derm Expert allows doctors to diagnose skin problems using only their iPhone.  Doctors take a photo of a patient’s skin condition and then Derm Expert diagnoses the problem and prescribes treatment. Doctors can effectively treat patients without a high performance computer or an expensive technology environment. They just need the same iPhone that you and I use every day. Derm Expert makes use of Apple’s Core ML framework that is built into all new iPhones. Core ML makes it possible to run Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms on an iPhone without having to upload the photos to the “cloud” for processing. Apple is not the only company integrating Machine Lea... (more)

The Death of the Internet: What Happens Now? | @CloudExpo #AI #ML #Cloud

Net Neutrality rules were originally enacted to ensure that all Americans would have equal access to a free and open Internet. We can argue about what Net Neutrality rules did and did not accomplish in a moment, but now I want to explore the most sensational of all the post–Net Neutrality fears: the death of the Internet. If you’re still reading, you know that the FCC voted to repeal Net Neutrality rules (aka the Open Internet) and replace it with the “Restoring Internet Freedom” order. The outcry from the Open Internet camp has been loud, hyperbolic, hypothetical, and mostly based on the fundamental principles of “what if.” For some background and my personal “what if?” musings, read this. “If Net Neutrality Is Repealed, the Internet Will Die!” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but this is what many proponents of Net Neutrality believe. My issue with this line of thinki... (more)

Blockchain’s ‘Underpants Gnomes’ Problem

In a classic episode of South Park, the boys encounter a lair of Underpants Gnomes – so named because they run a business collecting underpants. Their business model: step one is collect underpants. Step three is profit. However, they’re all a bit unclear on step two. Spare any underpants? Such is the state of affairs of many – but by no means all – blockchain-based businesses. At this week’s Blockchain Expo in London, both types of companies were on display: companies with real business models as well as wonderfully innovative projects with no clear path to profitability. Gnome Contenders The fundamental challenge: what makes blockchain particularly disruptive is the very characteristic that confounds a business model – that is, a way to make money long-term. Because of blockchain’s inherently distributed nature, many blockchain businesses are leveraging the techno... (more)

Stop Doing Meta-Work Now | @CloudExpo #API #Cloud #Storage #DataCenter

While walking around the office I happened upon a relatively new employee dragging emails from his inbox into folders. I asked why and was told, “I’m just answering emails and getting stuff off my desk.” An empty inbox may be emotionally satisfying to look at, but in practice, you should never do it. Here’s why. I recently wrote a piece arguing that from a mathematical perspective, Messy Desks Are Perfectly Optimized. While it validated the genius of my friends with messy desks, it also generated a barrage of good-natured ribbing from my super-neat friends. Emotions aside, the math is the math! By putting the last paper you looked at on top of the pile, you are organizing your desk using an algorithm called LRU (Least Recently Used). It is based on the idea that the papers you most recently used are the ones you are most likely to use again. Conversely, the papers ... (more)

Where Are RIA Technologies Headed in 2008?

I am always being told off by i-technologists for quoting Picasso as having said that computers are useless. But I still love his reasoning? "Because they can only give you answers." Picasso, like AJAXWorld Magazine, liked questions. So we thought we would share with you what some of the world's leading rich Internet application pioneers are thinking may be the next questions that we need to see answered. From that readers can themselves infer where AJAX is headed. What are the top questions to ask next about AJAX? Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! 1.  (From March'08) How do I calculate the ROI of building my RIA on the iPhone SDK vs using AJAX? 2.  How do I assess the performance of my app and decide what to do next to make it faster?  3.  When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required of me for my rich web apps?  Beyond what's required, what makes good business se... (more)

RIA Themes & Topics at AJAXWorld 2008 East: Complete Round-Up

A round-up of the overall themes and topics being presented at AJAXWorld 2008 East at The Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan, March 18-20, 2008 - including Enterprise Mashups, Rich Internet Applications, Security, Enterprise AJAX, Silverlight, GWT, Reverse AJAX/'AJAX Push', AIR/Flash/Flex, JavaFX, ASP.NET AJAX, Seam, JSF, iPhone, Social Applications, YUI, jMaki, Appcelerator, Curl and more... The business value of RIAs is very clear: aesthetics do matter and users would like a pleasant experience. Good RIAs can provide your customers with user experiences that leave your competition in the dust. While most enterprise applications are based on old client/server technology with high cost of ownership and lack of flexibility, switching to the Web as a platform for mission-critical applications is very appealing – as it lowers the TCO significantly. With a lineu... (more)

Integrate #Blockchain into Business | @CloudExpo #IoT #AI #FinTech #Bitcoin

Beyond Bitcoin: How Enterprises Can Integrate Blockchain into Business By Kristy Blackmon In 2016, blockchain technology came close to hitting its peak on Gartner's annual Hype Cycle, signaling an imminent shift from an emerging, theoretical technology to widespread adoption. Like cloud, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) before it, blockchain is the tech industry's latest Next Big Thing. Analysts and industry experts say it holds immense potential for organizations, but many business leaders don't yet see a practical application for their operations. While a lot of people know blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, what about enterprise applications in other industries? What exactly is blockchain? The code that makes up blockchain is incredibly complex, and only a few thousand people understand it. On a high level... (more)

Designing For the "iPhone" Is a Refreshing Experience

David Heinemeier Hansson's Blog We’re working on an iPhone-optimized version of Ta-da List. As I was working on some UI ideas, Ryan and I were talking about some of really cool things about designing for the iPhone. I remarked that I loved the constraints. For example, we know the exact screen size/resolution, we know the exact typeface, we know how the face renders on the screen, we know the colors, we know the browser, etc. Then Ryan nailed it: Designing for the iPhone is like a hybrid of print and web design. continued... ... (more)

iPhone: Is Unlocking Legal or Illegal?

The Apple iPhone, which has already come under intense criticism for failing to allow third-party programs and for its incompatibility with the Flash and Java platforms, has a new challange to overcome in the form of a class-action lawsuit filed against it by a California resident claiming Apple is in violation of California antitrust laws by limiting iPhone to AT&T's network only. Timothy Smith's suit claims that, thanks to a provision in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) allowing any user to ask carrier-subsidized phones to be unlocked 90 days after purchase, unlocking must be legal. As has been widely reported, various unlocking solutions are currently circulating on the Internet. Some are based purely on software and require no hardware modifications. Writing in an online journal, Tim Wu recently opined: "I did just throw down more than $400 for this lit... (more)

Google Is Winning the Ecosystem War

Which ecosystem am I talking about? IBM had ruled and still rules the mainframe ecosystem . But the game changed! Microsoft lorded over the desktop ecosystem. It still does but we all know that the game is changing again. But what is the new game? You would be pardoned if you think that the new game in town is the smartphone and tablet ecosystem. Most people think that way. For sometime it did look like that. But the real new ecosystem is not about the hardware and really about the hosted services … and clearly, Google is winning. Remember, what happened when Apple replaced Google map with its own? Does it matter to Google if iPhone sells more that Galaxy as long as Google services runs on iPhone? How much more usable would Windows phone have been if all Google services ran smoothly on it? Have you met a person who knowingly chooses Bing over Google search? And … th... (more)