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Nigel Cheshire's Blog A couple of weeks or so after launch, I thought it might be fun to scout around and find out whether iPhone users are experiencing significant software problems with the device or not. I haven’t traded my Blackberry for an iPhone (yet), but a couple of folks in the office have them and are all glassy eyed and in love. It's a slick device, there's no question about it, and the software appears to be well executed. Of course there have been some early glitches, but these all seem relatively minor (and shrink even more in comparison to some of the problems experienced with the software on the Nokia N95 - probably the iPhone's closest competitor). The iPhone story that interested me the most though, was Bubba Murarka's tale of his service experience with Apple. Here's someone who clearly likes the product, but the whole experience is let do... (more)

iPhone Is Safe No "gPhone" Coming From Google

The on-again, off-again Google Phone or "gPhone" rumors are likely to come to halt for the forseeable future. That's because Google's Head of Research since 2006, Dr Peter Norvig, has told journalists in the UK that he doesn't think Google has any research ambition toward hardware, saying: "You know we want to work everywhere and be neutral. That neutrality is important." Norvig said in an interview that the biggest projects Google Research has right now are in machine translation and speech recognition, computer vision and face recognition, team recognition and so on. gPhone or not, Norvig confirmed the importance of the mobile aspect of computing to Google: "It’s clear mobile computing is going to become more important. We’re starting to see new platforms like the iPhone that are interesting, and it’s going to be an issue of infrastructure and har... (more)

AJAX World's iPhone Developer Summit to Take Place March 18-20, 2008 in New York City

A highly experienced executive from ACCESS, the company whose browser will be used in the forthcoming Amazon Kindle ebook, is the latest to join the line-up of industry experts to speak at the iPhone Developer Summit 2008 East being held in New York City in March next year - an intensive and content-rich two-day program designed to satisfy the growing hunger among software developers and IT professionals for a broad spectrum of sessions on the widest possible range of iPhone development topics. George Cacioppo is VP Product Development for ACCESS Systems America (formerly PalmSource). In addition to discussing the role that the iPhone has played since it was introduced, he will be speaking in one of a sequence of sessions at the Summit devoted to iPhone Alternatives. His company has developed the ACCESS Linux Platform which uses Linux and open source and has developed... (more)

Chris Williams's Upcoming AJAXWorld Session

In this session, Chris, lead developer on the RDT (Ruby Development Tools) Project, will review all of the major features of the Aptana IDE - a free, open source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused development environment for building AJAX applications. It features code assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, FTP/SFTP support and a JavaScript debugger to troubleshoot your code. With nearly 1 million downloads to date, the Aptana IDE is fast becoming the standard way AJAX developers build their Web 2.0 applications. Chris Williams joined Aptana in the first half of 2007. Prior to joining, he was the lead developer of the Ruby Development Tools (RDT) project that brought Ruby support to the Eclipse IDE. He has also served as a mentor to students; one contributing to the project through the Google Summer of Code, and three others as part of their Master's thesis... (more)

Enterprise Mashup Security 101

Gartner published a report recently on Web 2.0 security, ‘Security Features Should Be Built Into Web 2.0 Applications’, a follow-up to their November 2006 ‘Web 2.0 Needs Security 101'. Excerpting straight from the more recent report: ‘The distributed and dynamic nature of Web 2.0 complicates security protection for enterprises and individuals.’ Understated, to say the least. So this got me thinking on the unsexy-but-critical topic of mashup security. We have posted in the past about ‘Confidence’ and ‘Governance’, but these have generally been non-specific. So let me try to get a bit practical. The question isn’t a simple one but it is certainly worth noodling: How do we execute mashups safely in the context of the enterprise? I think we are all aware of the security landscape today. On the technology level alone, security is a messy word of old and new systems that do ... (more)

iPhone 3G Unlock in the Wild (??)

I’m getting the dirt on this right now but it seems that Pat Phelan of MaxRoam just unlocked his iPhone 3G and will be giving away the app shortly. He has his running on Vodafone right now. Crunch Network: CrunchGear drool over the sexiest new gadgets and hardware. ... (more)

iPhone vs. Android development: Day 4

It’s day 4 of a 5-day course on iPhone programming. As before I’ll be sharing my observations from the classroom on how development on the iPhone compares to Android development. The class is presented by Joe Conway from Big Nerd Ranch. ... (more)

links for 2009-11-16

Home > Geometric toy > Origami Spring All you need is an A4 size copy paper. (tags: origami paper papercraft art fun folding) NASA – 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won't End? A simple set of FAQs by NASA on 2012. This should hopefully put to rest the worries of those disturbed by the movie 2012. (tags: nasa science astronomy 2012 disaster earth myth calendar) 50 Facts About the 50 United States – Neatorama (tags: usa facts trivia history geography) History of Curved Origami Sculpture (tags: origami design paper art sculpture) KISS FM 97.7: Father | Ads of the World Cassette to iPod, "I am your father" (tags: funny image ipod advertisement) Cupertino, You Have a Problem The Apple App Store problems continue with approval delays & its confounding approval process. 'Apple has a very serious problem on its hands, one that can derail its grand plan. It needs... (more)

My Personal 2010 Predictions

New Year 2010 on Ulitzer In an effort to save a lot of pain and suffering for those people who don’t want to read an incredibly long blog post, I have a nice little summary table.  The predictions run the gamut of my personal and professional interests, so they may not be 100% interesting to all people. 99% of All Decade Lists That Come This Year Will Be Wrong Twitter Will Become A Footnote Real Time Has Had It’s Time Interest Rates Will Begin To Rise Housing Prices Being To Stall And Then Fall Jorge Lorenzo Will Win MotoGP World Championship Netbook Market Disappears Apple’s Disdain For Developers Will Reach A Tipping Point ChromeOS Proves To Be Another Of Google’s Failures The Final Season Of Lost Will Not Be Seen Foundations For The Repeal Of Sarb-Ox The Venture Business, As We Know It, Is Dead Oil Trading Draws Legislative Scrutiny Windows Mobile 7 Will Impress ... (more)

IPad: Changing the Future of Computing

On paper, there is nothing particularly special about the Apple iPad, which is scheduled to arrive in retail stores Saturday. Its performance and size are good but not revolutionary. By Apple’s own admission, it’s similar to a netbook — a downsized laptop whose purpose is to run browser-based or other light applications. Because it’s Apple, the iPad will be more compact, user friendly, stylish and come with a salty price tag. But here’s why the iPad is important: It’s the next step in human-computer interaction. Increasingly, we are lost without access to a computer and the Internet. We install fewer applications from a disc, spend more computing time in a browser and connected to the Internet, and we’re storing more of our important data in the cloud. A smart phone just doesn’t cut it for many tasks. The screen is too small, the processor too underpowered and the ... (more)

ROAM Data Introduces World’s First Encrypted Audio Coupled Card Reader

Boston, MA, April 14, 2010 --( ROAM Data, Inc., the leading mobile commerce service provider for merchants to transact with consumers on mobile phones, today announced at the ETA show in Las Vegas its innovative secure ROAMpay Swipe solution for merchants to process card-present swipe transactions on a variety of phone models, including the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and more. Leveraging its patented software solution and patent pending hardware reader technology, ROAM is delivering to market the world’s first encrypted card reader connected through the audio connection of mobile phones. Unlike other mobile phone based POS solutions that can only reach the iPhone or small numbers of smart phones, ROAMpay can reach hundreds of different phone models and on all carriers, to maximize penetration of end-users. Unlike other reader technologies, ROAMpay Sw... (more)